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127 Each2


Episode 127 is with Each2. I’ve been friends with him for decades. Always a super cool positive guy. One thing that blows me a way is he never has anything negative to say about anyone. It’s pretty amazing. His life experiences just with his jobs are so diverse. He’s a really good soul and I’m glad we finally were able to get this one done. Groe also sits in on this one. I wanted him to do the close with Ryoe also, but he came down with a cold. Get well soon sir. As always Each2 sent in a bunch of flicks, so check those out on the website. His two songs were OC – Times Up and and The Meters – Cissy Strut. Big thanks to Each and Groe for doing this.

Sorry this one took an extra day to come out. We had some technical difficulties. No preview on who’s coming up yet because we haven’t recorded them yet. Until next week stay safe out there.