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#48 Legends Thursdays – Elmer LD


I’ve been aware of Elmer’s work for a while. His stuff is fucking brilliant and knows how to push the spot. It was truly a pleasure meeting him and a few of this Detroit friends. When you see one of his pieces on the street it just kicks you so hard in the dick. I can’t say enough good things and thanks to him for doing this interview. He covers a lot of things not discussed in typical graf interviews. I really hope we have him on again. Thanks again Elmer.

Hope you all enjoy it

Upcoming episodes
Sunday/Monday Tater MUL
and Thursday New Year’s Eve a very special surprise interview. You’ll be pumped. It’s someone who doesn’t do many interviews and I feel honored he blessed us with this one.

@beatlabusa is also back as a supporter. If you’re in the Atlanta area please stop by and let them know you heard about them from us.