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#37 Legends Thursday – Ewok HM MSK


I’ve been seeing Ewok’s stuff for years. I can’t put it into words. When you come up in writing and you’re seeing dope stickers and tags by such a great fucking writer. Then climbing into Gold Metal Flour and seeing these amazing pieces by him. Fast forward decades later it’s even cooler talking to him and he’s open and has a kick ass interview. The connection drops a couple times, but it doesn’t ruin the interview. I’m very happy with this one. Thank you so much Ewok for doing this it means a lot to me.


Onto another note. I just got back from the south west. We recorded four solid interviews. They’ll be dropped as follows.


The 22nd Bozo and Gets – their interview is really cool. It was the first one we used the voice modulator on. They sound straight out of the tv show Gangland. It’s pretty awesome.

26th Sug- He talks about so much cool shit and his experiences writings for the last few decades

29th Snafu and Sase – This one is not to be missed.

December 3rd will be Terry from @theheavypedal talking about his graffiti experiences and how he’s applied them to Heavy Pedal Bicycle Products. I’ve been friends with him for years and can’t wait to drop that one too.


This Thursday, Philly’s own Nope’s interview will come out. I recorded that back in the late summer. It’s the final one to be released from that trip.


Until Thursday. Thanks to all who help out and support the podcast. This has been a extremely positive and fun project to be involved in. I can’t even put it into words how much I really appreciate the reposts, interviewees, swooping up stuff from the online store, please support our supporters. Let them know you heard about them from the podcast.