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#63 Five IOK


I’ve been seeing Five’s stuff for a long long time. He developed a style completely unique. In the late 90’s in Cincy you would see his stuff in the most unusual places. They would be super clean and thought provoking. An added bonus he’d mix it in with the surroundings and at times you wouldn’t realize it was him until later. He talks about a lot of good stuff and it was very enjoyable. Thank you Five it’s greatly appreciated. He also was one of the first to pick an intro song that goes so well with past conversations on the podcast. Grey Hound and the bus had so much to do with graffiti back in the day and probably still does. Sit back, relax, and listen it’s a good one. I also broke out some of my old flicks of Five’s work. I’ll put a few small samples on the IG, but check out all of them on the website.

Baifra has done a shirt for the podcast. It’s only available by preorder for only 2 weeks. It’s printed on U.S. fabric and all profit is split 50-50. If you’re interested in doing a shirt design for LT please let us know. We will be releasing one every other month. This is a good way for us to give back to the writing community by hopefully putting some money in writers pockets.

Hopefully the next episodes will be on the Health Effects of spray paint.

The other’s will be a surprise.