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143 Goer


Episode 143 is with Goer. This is a short episode and a short post. We haven’t had one of those for so long it’s really nice and perfect timing. I meet Goer a few months ago and was impressed with him right out of the gate. Super humble dude and a great father. We have a bunch of mutual friends and he’s surrounded with super good dudes. There’s a saying you’re judged by the company you keep. After meeting him I can honestly say there’s never been truer words spoke. The two song’s he picked for his intro and close were Sean Price – Bar-Barian (Explicit) and Psycho Soul Vol 1 – How Long – Big Duke of Psycho Realm – Dr Zodiak – RSL VOL. 3. There’s a bunch of pics from him on the website so don’t forget to check those out. Thanks again Goer. Next episode will be with Corpse and should be out in about 2 weeks.

Check out the take overs coming up. Learn YME should be this Saturday, Pen One on Tuesday, and the guys from Cap Matches Color the following Saturday.