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130 Hamek ETC WAR


Episode 130 is with Hamek ETC WAR. I met him last summer while passing through Seattle. He’s pretty impressive when you start to think how respectful and dedicated he is. Clean well thought out paintings and someone with a degree who’s really focused is so impressive to me. When I was in my 20’s I could never of found that balance. He’s another one of those writers coming up that if you’re not familiar with, well this is your chance and get familiar. Thanks to both Hamek and Asic for doing this. Hamik sent in some flicks that are on the website. Don’t forget to check those out and here’s his two songs The Jimi Hendrix Experience – All Along The Watchtower and Eminem – No Ones Iller

Over the weekend I’ll be dropping the second Lawyer episode. Joe’s been a good friend and supporter of the podcast for months. His episode goes really well with he first episode with a different attorney. If you haven’t listen to that episode I’d suggest checking out before you listen to the second one.

Also I just got from LA and had the great opportunity to sit down with two of the original members of LTS (Mark7 and Siner). That episode will be out next week.
Want to thank everyone who’s been putting in orders through the online store. Greatly appreciated.