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#58 Writers Meeting in Portland, Maine

This episode of Legends Thursday #58 was recorded during a writers meeting in Portland Maine. We discuss two subjects. One is how to preserve our culture and keep it going forward without spots being blown up. The second is a lot shorter and we talk about health affects from painting.

This was recorded on location. It was pretty awesome and great meeting all these fine folks. Not too many flicks for this one. I want to thank all of them for sitting in on this one.

Next Sunday will be with Space, Spek, and Curl from the Boston Area.

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#26 Legends Thursday – Lack and Learn YME


It was so awesome to talk to these guys after so many years of benching their freights. Just an amazing group of individuals. A great team with so many good stories. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. It’s about 2 hours and the start is really good, but the second half is killer. Talks about Greyhound trips across the nation, Ich sprinting to the paint isle, Indian Spice and Autumn Gold, June as a young guy, wild dogs, and tons of other good stuff.  I really look forward to having them on again. Thanks again guys.