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#66 Big Miles


This was a lot of fun. Big Miles is a fucking dope cool character. It was truly a pleasure talking to him. We cover a lot of good subjects, Trailer Park Boyz, Paint, Skin Disease, Riots, and a host of other things. He passed a shit ton of flicks for the podcast. I actually had to take out a few, because it was so many. Check those out on the website. Like normal I’ll post a few previews on the IG. Check out his work on @bigmiles420¬†Thank you again Miles for doing this.

No promises on what epsiodes are coming up but I’ll have more details as the weekend progresses and it’ll be posted on the IG.

Thanks everyone don’t forget about The Female Reader shirt. There’s only about a week left on that preorder and will be your only chance to get it. Plus the Mpeach sign auction will go live later today which will also be on the IG.