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138 Noah AOK TFP


Episode 139 is with Noah TFP AOK.

After recording and mixing the episode Noah shoots me this message “is it possible to write in the post that I wanted to mention that I’m thankful to my Mom the artist and my Pops the writer for passing on the creative genes? If it weren’t for them I’d be a coal miner”. In that one statement it says a lot about Noah as a man, an artist, and a writer. While others might be concerned about how they came off in the podcast he was more concerned to give his parents a certain amount of shine. Being thankful to your parents is so rare in graf culture it really hit me. Thank you, Noah for doing this. The episode sits right about an hour with Ryoe and special guest Biafra on the close. We recorded this one a few weeks ago. Just haven’t had time to edit and mix it together because of my life shit. Long story short, Noah is a good guy and solid artist. He talks about a bunch of experiences you won’t find in a typical graffiti interview. Those are always my favorite episodes, it paints a much stronger picture of the person. Talking about saving animals and gentrification of your neighborhood is far from normal conversation in a graffiti interview. Well hope you enjoy it as much as I did doing this. The songs he picked were Funkadelic – America Eats Its Young – 10 – Biological Speculation and Black Sabbath – Snow Blind. There’s a shit ton of flicks from him on the site, so don’t forget to check those out. If memory serves me correctly I want to thank Tars and Mone for making this happen.

Next week’s episode is with Ouija and the close with have Ryoe, Space, and Philly owner of Spinellis. The last few weeks have been pretty intense for me in my personal life. Now that work is entering the slow time of the year and all these life events have passed I’ll be able to put more focus on these last 10 or so episodes and release them more on a regular schedule. I’m also going to try and clear out the online store with discounts over the next few weeks, catch up on all the mail, and email.

Thanks to all of our sponsors as always.