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#38 Legends Thursday – Nope ICY


Well well well here we go. One of my favorite interviews. While I was coming up, I looked up to Nope’s stuff right up there with Kept. He’s extremely humble and everyone could really learn something from him. I was impressed by how laid back he was and carried himself. He has painted and traveled around the world with so many good all star writers, but he didn’t flaunt it one bit. No name dropping just an over all good guy. Hope you all enjoy this interview. It was truly a pleasure. I don’t want to say too much, and blow any surprises. Thanks again to Nope for doing this interview. SZ in Philly hooked up this meeting. Thanks to him too.


This Sunday will be Bozo and Gets, followed by Sug on Thursday next week. Our special Thanksgiving episode. Then Terry from Heavy Pedal.