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#87 Phil America


Episode 87 is with Phil America. A few weeks ago I asked Ether what he can tell me about Phil. Ether went into explicit detail about how solid of an individual with honor and integrity. I already was pretty intrigued by his art projects. Once Ether had said that I knew it was time to try and get him on the show. With that there was a lot of research involved. Which projects do we decide to talk about? There’s so fucking many good ones. Do we talk about his background in graffiti? Do I try and jam out as much as possible and cram it all in one episode or have him back a few times. It was pretty obvious right away that I’ll need to have him on again. With him being that larger than life activist and artist and doing some special stuff that’s pretty amazing (lack of a better word). He’s trying to bring about conversations with these projects. Each project really grabs your soul and makes you think “what am I doing?” I’ve inserted a bunch of photos that show some of his projects. For those of you who are political minded I hope he inspires you, because to me Phil America has proven that one person CAN change the world.

Here’s some links

His Website

His Instagram @philamerica

TED Talk

also here’s link to an artist Phil is obsessed with Chris Burden’s wikipedia page

The song he picked for his close and intro was
2pac-Tupac All Eyez On Me