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#88 Power Founder and Publisher of Can Control Magazine

pow alone

Episode #88 is with Power Founder and Publisher of the classic graffiti magazine Can Control (formally Ghetto Art). What can you say about him? He’s awesome and talks about so much stuff with a total different perspective. Tower Records has come up on the podcast so many times, but what was it like to be one of the first magazines selling to them? What prompted a move from LA to Seattle? What’s he doing now? How did he become a union organizer? He answers all these questions and more. Thank you so much to Power for doing this interview. It was pretty awesome and I loved his perspective. I really look forward to working with him in the future. He sent a shit ton of flicks and all of them are on the website, so check those out. The two songs he picked were The Germs – What We Do Is Secret and China White – Solid State

Next Episode will be with Atlanta’s Totem 2