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#73 Smokin’ Joe


Last week I flew into chicago and made the 4 hour drive to sit down with Smokin’ Joe. A great freight moniker artist from the mid 80’s to 2003-4. His marking are iconic and so timeless. You generally can see them from 100 feet away, because they’re huge. He’s such a good solid person. A lot of knowledge and experiences where most people involved with graffiti culture just don’t have. One of the most interesting people I’ve met in life. Everyone should reach out to him. His FB is under Joe Greyzck and IG is @smokinjoea1. Since a snow storm was coming in as I sat down with Joe we had to cut this one short. Solo and I will be going back for a part 2 this summer, so be on the look out for that. Thanks Joe for sitting down with me it was pretty awesome.

Next episode with be with Emit DF and released Thursday.