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#56 Legends Thursday Tokeo MUL

You have to bare with me on this one. I’m on the road and still a little sick. While I recorded this one I was still fucked up and not completely running at 100%. You can tell here and there.

I’ve seen this writers stuff for a long time. When you see his public legacy of work it’s pretty amazing. Then when you see the stuff that doesn’t get caught and the stuff his crew keeps private. It’s fucking breath taking. His style is second to none and the stories he talks about getting panels is so awesome. It really gives you the sense of what it’s like to do that. I’m very proud to present Tokeo MUL.

Here’s some flicks that go with. Check them out them. They’e in a pdf format. I’ve never uploaded something like that. If it doesn’t work I’ll fix it later tonight at my next stop.

There’s also a #spraytalk with Tre and Pike on the very end.