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136 Tre and Pike re-release

Here is the re-release of the Tre and Pike episode. Tre/Jay passed away yesterday. He was a great guy and one of the most comical people I’ve ever met. Even in the start of this episode he’s flipping out about painting model trains and it’s hilarious. He could always make me laugh and I know I’m not the only one. #riptre

As some of you know the podcast is coming to an end. After much thought the last 24 hours. It’s become apparent that I need to add two episodes to the final list. The most obvious is a Tre episode where the close people to him share stories and experiences. The second is something I’ve been wanting todo for 2 years, but it always fell through and couldn’t get going. An episode on addiction. If anyone is interested in saying a few words for either of those episodes please contact me on DM or email. I’ll start reaching out to people tonight too.

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#54 Legends Thursday Paint Review

Episode 54, Today’s podcast is from 10 different writers. They review what paint they’ve used and their assessment of each brand. It’s a long episode coming in at over 2 hours. Special thanks to Afex, Asic, Biafra, Therd, Eros, Boog, Tre, Pike, Ryoe, and Sug. Boog thought up this idea, so he deserves the credit.

Years ago one of the most typical questions in old graffiti magazine interviews was “what kind of paint to you use?” It’s really played out, but I believe this is a spin in a totally different direction. What paint has worked or not worked for you? What experience do you have with these specialty paints? Which ones are a horror show and which ones are coming in on top? From what I understand this is the first time something like this has been done. With all that said, this was never suppose to be a shamefest on paint companies. There’s no vindictive nature in this episode. Just peoples opinions and experiences with different paint. We understand this is a lot of peoples livelihoods, so the door will always be open for paint companies to send in or record a rebuttal. I really hope the paint companies are transparent with these issues and take this as seriously as we do.

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#14 Legends Thursday – Pike and Tre Interview


This was recorded last week while I was in Philly. It’s the first of those “Philly” episodes to be released. These are two fucking great dudes. The pair of them are great friends. They work, bench, and paint together. It’s a case of the older writer and younger writer. It was cool to see their interaction and I hope you enjoy it. Sorry this one didn’t come out on Sunday, but I kept running into technical difficulty. Hope you enjoy. Make sure you listen to the end after the last song, because there’s an extra bonus of some #spraytalk

Also I pronounced Oz’s name incorrectly on the podcast, because I was tired as shit. Sorry sir.