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#44 Legends Thursday – Twin Cities Graf History part 3

There won’t be any flicks on this one, because I haven’t had the time. I recorded this one with Shock, Kahn, and Emer months ago. It covers the 2010’s and shouldn’t be taken as the bible of this city’s graffiti “history”. We realized afterwards they forgot a bunch of people who should have been mentioned. We might have another episode down the line that’ll mention them, but I just don’t know when. I really want to thanks Kahn, Shock, and Emer for doing this. Hope you enjoy it.

The next few weeks the podcasts will probably not follow a regular pattern. I just got back from the Louisville benefit and have to go down there again this week. The next few podcasts will be Gier and Kerse, The Lawyer, Jive DF, and Elmer.

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#17 Legends Thursday – Twin Cities Graf History Part 2

Here’s is the second part of the TC graf history. After we were done recording these episodes we realized we missed a bunch of key players in it. Hopefully one day we can have a follow up. No flicks on this post maybe until tomorrow.

There’s also a little quick part for Jojo from Mural by Eros.

Hope you enjoy.

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#07 Legends Thursday – Twin Cities Writers Interview 1 of 3


Twin Cities graffiti history part 1 of 3 with Emer AKB, Kahn HM, and Shock UC. They scratch the surface of the 90s graffiti history for these two great cities in Minnesota.