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#102 Virus


Episode #102 is with Virus. Just an amazing writer. I always loved catching and seeing his stuff back in the day. Just a fucking solid letter technician. Every time you see something from him it’s solid. Great hands, throw ups, pieces, freights, legals, etc all of it was top notch. I can’t thank Tars enough for hooking this up. The relationship between both of them is pretty cool. It almost seems like an apprenticeship. I can’t say it enough. I hope we see this more in graffiti. I think it’ll only make our culture better. It was truly a pleasure siting down with him. Just a super nice person and really humble. It’s funny because as this was coming together Asic just kept saying how he was pumped about it and how much of an affect Virus had on the North West. I couldn’t agree more. I’m glad he was the last one, because it just wraps up this round of the Canadian episodes really well. Thanks again Virus. The songs he picked were Mayhem – Silvester Anfang for the intro and Eyes Without A Face from Billy Idol for the close.

This Canadian trip was awesome. Once again I have to say thanks to everyone that we met up with. You were all so cool to us and it was truly mind blowing. Thank you all (Kane, No Fun Press, Sae, Saud, Kamit, Afex, Ecks, Names On Trains, Beast from Visual Orgasm, Tars, Virus, Miles, Keeps, Art Primo Seattle, Joe, Sara, Angelina, Task, Hamek, Jacks, Dubl, and anyone else I’ve forgot or couldn’t of met up with).

Next week will be with Anger CBS Mayhem