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104 Jent


Epsiode 104 is with Jent He’s amazing and started writing such a long time ago. A time when most of us had no idea what graffiti was much less art. He was a real open book and just a great conversation. Mone deserves a lot of thanks for hooking this up. Before he suggested him I had no idea who was. Then I started doing the research and it really blew me away. Another one of those writers that didn’t go for the spotlight, so I had to dig more. Once I did that’s when I found so much good stuff about him. His conversation was great. When I did the mix and listened to it I realized I walked way too much once again, hope that doesn’t bum too many of you out. He’s one of those people that it’s extremely easy to talk to and you could talk to him for hours. Thanks again Jent. Don’t forget to check out his flicks on the website. Very impressive stuff from different eras in writing. He also picked two great songs for him intro and close Exodus – The Toxic Waltz and Slayer – Raining Blood

Next week’s episode will be with Jick, followed by two episodes from Doc TC5, and then Ichabod YME (T)

  • Rich Jent Brown

    yo yo its the one and only jent one. thanks for the interview had a blast give me a holla when your back in town.