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107 Doc TC5 part 2 of 2


Episode 106 is with Doc TC5. This is the second of two episodes with him. This one was recorded at Doc’s home near Brooklyn. Just like the first he has a lot of amazing things to say. You’ll really enjoy this one and learn from it too. I’m on the road so this write up will be a lot shorter than usually. Special thanks to Doc and Cycle again. The song is the same as the first episode The Roots – What They Do (Instrumental) and don’t forget to check out the flicks he sent that are on the website. He’s also got a lot of historical graffiti pictures on his IG so check that out too.

(Also be aware the intro with The Female Reader is fucked. Something went wrong with that, but we will fix it once I get back to Minnesota. It only lasts for 4 minutes, so please power through it)

Next week with be with Ichabod YME (T) and over the next few weeks we will be dropping the Bus166 MSK CUTS and Mines FST episodes.