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125 Railroad Workers 2017 part 2 of 2


Note there will be two episodes dropping today. First episode 125 is part two of the 2017 workers episodes. My intention was to do most of these on site, but time and my budget didn’t allow it. I only got to record one on site and that was the second person on this episode. It was amazing. I got the tour of the round house and the whole site. It was a very eye opening experience. I gotta really thank all the workers who made these a reality. Sometimes we get consumed with our sub culture we don’t realize there’s so much more to the railroad then just our shit. Here is a link to that bill the third person on this episode that talks about 2 man crews working every engine. This needs to pass I also uploaded the second round of flicks from these guys so don’t forget to check that out on the website. Since there were so many people on this there’s multiple songs and here’s the lists of what they picked for both episodes. I really hope I did this correctly and got them all on there. Johnny Cash – Folsom Prison Blues, Ministry – Scarecrow, Sole – Da Baddest Poet and Selling Live Water, Tiger Army – Outlaw Heart, Warren Zevon – Nighttime In The Switching Yard, and Wheresawill – Back With A Vengeance

The Mpeach episode will be dropping in a few hours too. Once I’m done mixing and editing it.
Thanks to everyone who put in orders. It’s greatly appreciated. Next week will be with Each2 hopefully we get two out, but we will see.