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126 Mpeach


Episdoe 126 is with Mpeach. I’ve known him for a couple years now. Our friendship was kind of started in a strange way. Someone had sent me a random moniker of his that said “peace to Coupe and Solo”. It was before the podcast and pretty much when I wasn’t involved in graffiti culture and was more career motivated. It was strange, but all the same I was pumped. Through a course of events we met and hung out traded flicks. He’s been a super solid stand up guy and his art is a constant source of inspiration. He works out a lot of his beliefs and thoughts through our artform. You’ll enjoy this episode just power through the buzz from the scrambler. As some of you know it’s been one of the biggest pain in the asses with the podcast. I fucked with the setting and was able to mellow it out a lot but the sound levels are pretty low too. As always he sent a bunch of flicks, so check that out on the website and here’s the two tracks he picked Prince-I Want to be your lover and Mouseland (search it on youtube). Thanks again Mpeach.

Thanks everyone for listening and supporters us. It’s been a good run and as i gets closer to the end I want to thank all of you. If you weren’t listening it wouldn’t be around, so shout out to you.

Next one should be Each2.

  • Nora

    Absolutely my favorite episode. Even topped the ICH episode for me. This dude is just awesome. Im heavy in politcs and taking cultural studies and african diaspora classes so, I got myself saying “omg yes! I know that feeling!”

  • Josh Stabler

    I work at a university in Indiana, and nearly every day during lunch, I see trains going by with distinctive writing on their sides.
    Today, I saw “Mpeach” with sort of camouflage effect. I will sometimes look up the artists when I return from lunch. Glad to have found this site. I also saw a monumental sort of Day of the Dead skull on another car. Always adds interest to my mundane lunch hour.