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137 Jrock LTS KOG


Episode 137 is with Jrock LTS KOG. We recorded this one over a month ago. Arbe hooked this one up, so he deserves big thanks for that. Jrock not only talks about his life (which is btw super interesting and I’ll cover that in a minute), he talks about that second generations of LTS. His good friend Ayer RIP and many other things. As an older writer I’m well aware some of you don’t know about the strong contributions to graffiti LTS/KOG made and still make. I don’t want this to come off as talking down to younger generations. I’ve seen too many older writers do that. I think it’s more important to talk to you as equals, so it’ll hopefully make you want to look this stuff up and see the positive contributions to our culture. Then you can see and hear for yourself why it’s important to our culture. Those crews inspired me in the past and continue to this day. They really pushed piece bombing and spots to another level. You can see their influence in a lot of graffiti currently. I can’t say it enough how happy I am to try to shine a light on those things currently and from the past.
Now Jrock is a larger than life person. He accomplished so much with writing and then built off of that into academia. When you listen to the episode you’ll see. I don’t want to blow any other surprises, so I’ll just end it there.

His songs were Parquet Courts – Sunbathing Animals and Dr Dre – Let Me Ride. Most of the flicks were pulled from the internet and social media. Aerosol Feinds sent one too big thanks to them to, so give them a follow.

The close of the episode is with Ryoe, Detr, and Terrance from Heavy Pedal (bicycle clothing he also eludes to an LT/HP bike kit to be released soon). We review this episode, talk about our RAGBRAI experience, and cover the mail. It’s comical and a lot of uncontrolled chaos, so hope you enjoy it. Next week if everything goes well will be with Noah TFP.

Also wanted to thank a few of our sponsors specifically, Art Primo, Cap Matches Color, Spinellis, City Limits, Can Control, Tales From The Rails, Graffiti Black Books, Tiny Giants, End2Ends, TYO Toys, and all the rest (ran out of characters on this post).