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#55 Legends Thursday Ryoe


Today’s episode is with Ryoe. He’s a great guy. Awesome outlook on writing and it’s very different than a lot of other writers. You’ll enjoy this interview. Pike passed some questions onto us for him. He had named Ryoe as a person he’d like to hear from on here many episodes ago. It’s awesome to start seeing these interviews come full circle. Pre/Crispo said he’d like to hear Kwest, so he thought up some questions. Now Pike has done them for this interview. I really fucked up on not getting Tre to throw some towards Arek, but I just had spaced. Next time for sure. There’s a few more coming in this same direction. I’m sure excited about that.

During the close of this episode there’s a special email in response to the paint reviews from a paint company that got some negative feedback. It’s pretty cool and awesome, so check that out. I don’t want to blow that surprise for you all.

Next episode hasn’t been recorded yet, so I won’t announce it. We will see you all in a few days. Thanks for supporting the podcast. Check out the stuff in our online store. Also support our supporters and let them know you appreciate them. If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be around.