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#76 Giant


Episode 76 is with Giant. What can I say about him? He’s been on the top of a lot of art forms and has been an amazing individual. His drive is second to none and continues to push himself no matter where he chooses to live. An extremely open individual. You can find other interviews with him on other podcasts, just do a search on his name. I really encourage everyone to do that. Everyone can learn something from him. Thanks again @ogmikegiant

There’s some pictures on our site from his tumblr If you want to see more go check it out on this link.

Sorry about the Darth Couper breathing in this one. I had my mic positioned in a weird way.

We will be dropping our next episode on Thursday and will release who it is probably earlier in that week.

  • Jeff Macpherson

    Inspiring – Love Giant and his work – I actually participated in his letterhead trade – the dude is awesome.

    • Coupe Graffiti

      That’s pretty awesome Jeff. Good to hear.