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#39 Legends Thursday – Bozo and Gets


Bozo and Gets podcast is officially up.

Well guess what there people? The internet went down, so to drop this one it was a little more of a struggle.

A few weeks ago I had the fine pleasure of visiting Albuquerque. This was my first trip there and specifically for podcast. I also met up with Lies and Asic. Great City and great people.

The first interview in this South West series is Bozo and Gets. If you’ve been watching the rails the last few years you’ve probably seen their work. They have a high standard in painting, which is carried over as people. They treated me extremely well, put me up, and were basically my chauffeurs around the city. I was blown away by the humbleness of these writers. I really enjoyed this interview and I’m sure you will too. Check out the flicks they passed on to us on the website

This episode and the next two have special guest Asic ETC. Thursday’s episode will with Sug followed by Snafu and Sase on Sunday funday.

Special thanks to @Ryoe for helping me with this episode. This episode wouldn’t of been possible without him. There were a ton of technical difficulties. He helped balance it out the best we could do. I know the sound isn’t the best on this one.

Thanks again sir.