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#28 Legends Thursday – Gkae MSK AWR

Espo's book The Art Of Getting Over

This was one of the interviews from the Philly trip a few months/weeks ago. Nemel Irak is to thank, because he hooked it up. Hope you enjoy.


The flicks are from my personal collection from trading years ago. Besides the Espo book they’re hard copy flicks. I purposely didn’t scan them in, so you could tell they’re from that era.


Once again thanks to Gkae and Nemel






  • A worthy read. Any chance for some more like this one?

    • Coupe Graffiti

      Explain please?

      • ORancisis

        You have a legend like GKAE in for an interview you should have some better questions prepared. Weak.

        • Coupe Graffiti

          Sorry it wasn’t up to your standard. If you listen to the whole episode, then you’d know the interview was not planned out before hand.