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#18 Legends Thursday – King Kair Interview


This was a super special interview. Kair is literally a legendary writer. I had heard so much about him through the years from my friend Philly and a few others. He’s changed a lot through the years and here’s some good stories about those experience. Hope you enjoy.

  • oz iya ( philly)

    King kair iya

  • oz iya ( philly)

    King kair iya…great pod cast

  • ess gee

    Great interview. .. brings back good and bad memories …I lived them years and knowing the kair then to the kair now. .. makes him not only who i look up to in graff but also in real life. ..proud to call him my friend and proud and humbled that he asked me and silo to carry on and run the legendary iya …it truly was lifestyle and product of environment we “chose” to be in…glad we lived through it ….

  • Oz iya

    King kair philly’s Graff legend