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113 Cap Matches Color “Two Decades Of Digging”

Episode 113 is with 2 of the 3 guys from the project Cap Matches Color. A lot of you might skip this episode because it isn’t with a writer. If you do you’re fucking missing out, because this episode was fun as hell and fucking educational!! You might ask what is Cap Matches Color? These guys hunt and “dig” for vintage spray paint. The stories and adventure alone are enough to fill a book, but they did so much more than that. The book Two Decades Of Digging is so fucking thorough. Stories from old school writers talking about the paint they used on pieces and breaking it down. Interviewing a person from Krylon who was the son of the guy who bought the company years ago before it was sold to Borden? Going to the old site of the Krylon factory. Showing a ton of flicks from their adventures in digging. The flicks of the old hardware stores really take you on these adventures with them. I could go on and on long story short. These guys put their heart and soul into this book and their projects. They talk about it and you should support them. Go fucking pick up the book. It’s worth every fucking cent! If you’re near Brooklyn swing by Low Brow. They have the only ones signed by the three of them. Thanks again guys.

They picked these two songs GangStarr – Skills Instrumental and Nightsource – Sidewaze – Naked Music Recordings 006 and were kind enough to pass some ill ass photos so check those out on our website.

Here’s a link to their
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We don’t know what’s on deck yet for next week’s possible episode, so keep an eye out for when we release info about it.

Also check out @thelinesdontlie IG they’re doing an awesome project and trying to put a book out. Please check them out and support if you can.